Rose Petals Jam

According to the Greek legend, the rose was created by the flower goddes Chloris, trying to revive the beautiful nymph, and the other gods came to help her: Aphrodite shared her beauty, Dionysus granted the captivating aroma, Three Graces endowed the rose with bright color and luster and Zephyr dispersed the sky clouds so Apollo could warm the wonderful flower with rays of sun, and fill it with life.
Of all the roses, tea rose has a sensual color and most romantic name. Do you know why she had got this mysterious name? Some explain it with the color of the petals of the plant, but in fact, the secret lies in the fresh tea scent that this flower exudes.
The «Fruity Beauty» tea rose petals jam will surprise you with its original flavor with hints of lemon and muscat aftertaste. It is created specifically for romantic persons, delight lovers, ready for bold experiments.
We will open another secret, thanks to its miraculous properties for body and health, rose petals for many centuries were used in medicine, cosmetics and even cooking. They are also used to make ointments, tinctures and decoctions, which have a healing effect on the skin, stomach, nervous system, heart and kidneys.
The petals are also used in various dishes, drinks and sweets to give them a gastronomic delicacy aroma. The «Fruity Beauty» team decided to contribute to the list of useful goodies made from rose petals!
The tea rose petals jam contains large amounts of flavonoids and phenolic acids, which have anti-aging and toning effect, beneficial effects on the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract. The best part is that this dessert is recommended by nutritionists for women who want to lose weight, and gain a simply luxurious look!
The «Fruity Beauty» rose petals jam is your seductive whim for a romantic mood and shape!