Fig Jam

Fig is revered since the days of ancient civilizations. According to one of the versions, it began to be cultivated in ancient Egypt, and in East Asia benefits of this berry were chanted by a famous healer Avicenna.
This bizzare fruit had many names through out the history. In ancient Greece the sweet fragrant figs were named wine berries, it was considered a sacred fruit, the gift of Dionysus and a part of the image of the magnificent Demeter, goddess of agriculture and fertility.
It is impossible not to agree with the Greeks, only the gods could create fruit, full of useful features and yet possessed with such rich flavor. The «Fruity Beauty» team 
had collected only ripe figs and sealed them in jars, retaining their healing properties, as well as the unique taste!
What are figs useful for? These berries are rich in iron and potassium, and thus take care of blood pressure and relieve you from tiring headache, in addition, figs are invaluable for the normalization of metabolism, as a source of dietary fiber. The wonderful fruit can become a reliable assistant towards achieving a perfect shape.
This small gift of nature is also known as a valuable fount of retinol and vitamin C, thanks to its high content of nutrients, figs actively strengthens the immune system.
Alexander the Great and his army took hike bags full of figs to support forces that are so essential for great victories! Whatever your lifestyle, the golden «Fruity Beauty» fig jam is sure to become a favorite dessert to your health and without harm to the figure!
The «Fruity Beauty» fig jam - time for real honey delight for a winner!