Quince Jam

The sweet smell of a southern night and romantic adventures - the "Fruity Beauty" quince jam will liven up your most secret and fascinating memories of the careless summer! Piquant sour combined with seductive sweetness in the "Fruity Beauty" quince jam awakens the fascinating goddess in you - no wonder quince was considered a symbol of sexuality in ancient Greece.

Once the most beautiful goddess of Olympus gathered to find out who among them is the most charming. And then the handsome Paris himself gave quince as a gift to Aphrodite for her unearthly beauty with the words "gorgeous". We carefully collected the best quince fruits in the jars of "Fruity Beauty" jam, so that you could enjoy the delicious taste of the wonderful fruit!
Quince is a low-calorie fruit, rich in fiber, which helps your digestion, and does not harm the figure! The "Fruity Beauty" quince jam gives joy and cheerfulness of summer flowering literally to every cell of your body, as this wonderful fruit contains an incredible amount of antioxidants.
This fruit is also called the "golden apple" and, perhaps, not in vain! Leading experts in the field of cosmetology and nutritionists have long recognized quince the treasure of vitamins and minerals that you need to maintain perfect shape and flowering mood!
The "Fruity Beauty" Quince jam will benefit your body, and its seductive aroma and flavor will carry you into the world of sweet dreams of southern nights!