White Cherry Jam

The wise Chinese have been chanting cherries since ancient times as the impersonation of femininity and beauty in nature. The delicate flowers and enticing fruit of this plant - are symbols of youth and hope. No wonder the inspiration for the names of most varieties of cherries have become beautiful female names. Fragrant, juicy and full of energy of the sun, cherry is the most suitable berry for the charming Muse!
The only pity is that this natural wonder is available only in the hot summer season, despite that sometimes you want to pamper yourself during cloudy days, deprived of warm and gentle summer. But do not lose heart! The "Fruity Beauty" white cherry jam was created specifically to delight you all year round and has absorbed all the best qualities of these berries.
Sweeten your average weekdays and color them with bright taste of southern summer at any time of day or night, without the risk of gaining extra weight, as 100 grams of cherries contain only 50 calories! The juice of ripe cherry tones the body, gives fresh appearance to the skin and has long been used by beautiful half of humanity as an effective remedy for puffiness.
The "Fruity Beauty" white cherry jam will be happy to be your favorite source of sweet inspiration during all troubles of routine. Your slight weakness will remain unnoticed, life tastier and compliments sweeter!
By the way, cherry has a wonderful property to speed up the metabolism! Including it in your diet, you tend to quickly lose weight without making any extra effort.
The "Fruity Beauty" white cherry jam - enchant and inspire, while others mope!