Walnut Jam

For ages walnut was a symbol of fertility and abundance. This nut is really royally endowed with properties beneficial for female body and beauty! The "Fruity Beauty" walnut jam reveals all its secrets of wonderful fruit, which in ancient times was accessible only to the chosen.
The rich content of essential oils and vitamins makes it an indispensable partner in life of any woman! Magnesium can help you in dealing with stress and insomnia, make sure that the eyes are always shining with happiness and thoughts set only on positive mood!
Iron and iodine will increase work capacity and refresh the memory, helping to easily handle things, that others can not do! Essential oils and active fatty acids contained in the kernels, are known for its fat-burning effect. Some diets for professional athletes include oil from walnuts.
The tasteful "Fruity Beauty" walnut jam will not only give you extraordinary delicious taste, but also the whole range of useful features for you to shine like a true star!
Bad weather and stress are not an obstacle with the walnut jam! Studies have shown that the fruits of walnut contain a lot more Vitamin C, than rosehips or even a lemon! This means that the miracle-nuts will strengthen your immune system, and you will be able to charm anyone with starry eyes and warm pretty smile in any weather.
And if your beloved ever gets cold, simply serve him tea with the "Fruity Beauty" walnut jam! Walnuts have a beneficial effect on men's health and give Herculean strength.
The "Fruity Beauty" jam with taste of walnuts: 
Be fascinating - shine like a star!