Strawberry Jam
Strawberry - sounds sexy! "Fruity Beauty" strawberry jams would be happy to share their sexuality with you! We lovingly cultivated fragrant berries and saved their best properties in a jar of jam, to give you stunning moments of enjoyment without harm to the figure.

Why choose between benefit and pleasure, if you can get all at once? Sweet, juicy and slightly sour berries are ready to help you with that! In addition to the unforgettable taste, strawberries have super power to fight overweight. These berries are happy to help you bring unnecessary water from the body, normalize the metabolism and reduce blood sugar level. Even tiny seeds on the surface of strawberries can help out, if you care about your beauty: they are rich in bioflavonoids, which will improve your digestion.

Make your delicious berry your favorite for dinner, or simply include it in your daily diet and you can forget about any worries about the figure! Sexuality must not only be on the outside - it comes from the inside, right?

Minimum calories and a lot of advantage - strawberry not only promotes weight loss, but also nourishes the body with useful substances. The miracle berry is rich in potassium, which is needed for the heart to beat faster in the most exciting and joyful moments! A powerful antioxidant fizetin improves brain function and helps to remember the best moments of a lifetime!

While you enjoy the taste of "Fruity Beauty" jam, your body is happy with you!

Net Wt. 300g/10.58oz
Serving size 20g
Calories 44,46 kkal/186,14kj
Ingredients: strawberry, sugar, citric acid, vitamin C, pectin.
No preservatives, flavorings, colorings. Free of GMO.
Shelf life: 24 months