Hi, my name is Michael! The idea to start producing jams was born during my travel, when I managed to visit most beautiful places on Earth.

During my trip I made friends with many interesting people from all over the world. Since then we have a cohesive team, we have combined a passion for travel, new experiences and ... fruit!

After multiple trips to mysterious corners of the planet, we realized that the fruits absorb the spirit of the place, expressing its essence, and the greater the place, the sweeter, juicier and more aromatic are the fruits that grow there.

We wanted to share our delicious discoveries with our friends: cherries from the foothills of the Modena Apennines, apricots from ancient and hospitable Armenia, strawberries from pristine areas of Chile, but we knew that we couldn’t take away these fragile treasures so far. Their strength, their nature taste and freshness are connected with their native lands.

And then we decided to produce jam right where the fruits are grown, we studied traditional recipes, along with the locals we manually collected the best fruits and boiled our favorite jam, with nothing but fruit inside, because we love when the food is natural.

Primarily, we produced small volumes of jam for our friends, but then our friends began to ask us to produce more jam for their friends, and their friends asked for more, and so on.

Now Fruity Beauty is not much a business as a way of life, it is an occasion for new journeys, striking discoveries and fresh emotions, it is an opportunity to share what we love!


There is a country that is especially comfortable and serves one of the most delicious food ‒ Italy! The air here is full of joy and the surrounding beauty is breathtaking!

In the early summer, we decided to meet in Milan, a city overheated by the sun and crowded with tourists. We left the city to enjoy nature, took the car and drove off. The road was clear and pleasant, not noticing how fast evening came, we got lost.

We spent a night at the first hotel we saw, near Vignola town, which is located in the foothills of the Apennines of Modena, at the creek of the river Panaro.

In the morning the streets resounded with the sounds of music and in our windows appeared a costume parade with bright platforms rolling by, decorated with branches and cherry fruits.

We hurried outside and had plenty of fun! We ate a piece of the huge 20-meter Cherry cake with jam. It turned out to be an annual celebration of Cherry day.

It is in Vignola where they grow the largest, juiciest and sweetest cherries. We had seen this in person and wanted to take this taste with us.

Later we met a farmer Luigi and agreed on how to use the best of his gathered berries. Found a small family business for cooking jam near by.

And once again we were convinced that whatever is done in life ‒ is for the best! 

Who knows, rather there would be our favorite child "Fruity Beauty", if we wouldn't get lost once in Italy!


On Friday evening I wanted something special, but I couldn't understand what exactly. Then suddenly beautiful apricot gardens flashed on television.

At that moment I realized that was what I was after!

The best apricots grow in Armenia. So I called Andre and Jose, and offered to meet at the Yerevan airport. They supported my idea.

Now, after 36 hours we found ourselves driving our car among incredible scenery, enjoying the beauty, clean fresh air and forgetting about everything. Even the fact that gas stations in these pristine lands are rare. Eventually, the gas ended on the middle of the road.

We got out of the car, climbed the hill and saw our dream come true. A beautiful garden lied on the hills. Tree branches bent to the ground, covered with juicy fruit.

In the apricot garden we met a hospitable grandmother and her grandchildren. Her little helpers climbed to the very tops of the trees and harvested apricots, the lady took only the most juicy ones. They were the tastiest apricots we had ever tried.

In the evening we met the entire family.

We were convinced in the hospitality of people of this country. We ate, sang, drank and danced. And so it went on for three days in a row.

And at the same time we agreed with the head of the family to produce jam on his own production line.

During the fuss and fun, we almost forgot about the car, but the owners helped us to evacuate it and gave us full tank of gas!


February brang some stagnation. Therefore, when Jose called me and said that we need to meet all together at his historic homeland in Chile to discuss business, I immediately agreed.

...Santiago, +29C, sunny, Spanish language, carnival - I loved this country from the very first ray of sun, it's first sound and first fiesta!

Every day we discovered a different unusual place. We went surfing on the ocean. We went to the mountains and enjoyed the tranquility and beauty of the lakes.

During one of our trips, I felt a wonderful aroma. I began to ask our guide, where's "strawberry". But he just shrugged his shoulders. "fresa" - I remembered the Spanish word. But again he did not understand me. Then I come to the aid of Pedro. "Frutilya" - he said the magic word. The guide livened up and brought us to an endless strawberry field! It was wonderful! We decided to try some berries.
Well, after that it was impossible to stop. We knew it was someone else's field, but the strawberry flavor was stronger! After all, as the saying goes, "if you really want something, you can go for it!" But our conscience told us to stop, so we compensated the owners for our "damage" and moved on.
We entered a house on the edge of the field, and Pedro began hugging the hosts from the doorway. It turned out that this was an old friend of his family.
In record time, we hade agreed with Pedro's friend and started a small ecological family production right next to the strawberry field.
Now we can share this amazing taste and aroma and energize you with passion of our journey by opening a jar of "Fruity Beauty".